Cozy Electric Foot Warmer Mat (Large)
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Cozy Electric Foot Warmer Mat (Large)

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Heavy-duty floor mat gently warms feet and legs using both radiant and direct heat. The Super Cozy Foot Warmer uses just 135 watts - 10% of the energy of a traditional space heater. The Cozy Foot Warmer contains an electric heating element that produces a uniform radiant heat. It is thermostatically controlled so that the heat will be maintained at a constant temperature. The heating element is molded within the rubber to eliminate the danger of fire or electrical shock. As with any new heated rubber product, the rubber odor may be quite noticeable when plugged in for the first time. This is temporary, and will dissipate quickly. Specification: Dimensions: 36" x 16" x 1/4", 11 lbs. Power: 135 watts, 1.2 amps. Maintained operational temperature of approximately 130F.


Uses just 135 watts. Maintained operational temperature of approximately 130°F.

TUV Listed to meet strict safety standards.

Saves energy and heating costs.

Warms cold feet through shoes or boots.

Perfect for under desks or at standing workstations.

Product Details:
Product Length: 38.0 inches
Product Width: 17.0 inches
Product Height: 1.0 inches
Product Weight: 11.0 pounds
Package Length: 38.25 inches
Package Width: 16.5 inches
Package Height: 0.75 inches
Package Weight: 11.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 130 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 130 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

49 of 50 found the following review helpful:

2Better than expected -- it's a personal heater - good while it lastsDec 13, 2011
By Prof100 "I hate bad quality"
The low priced version from was temporarily out of stock so I had to buy the 36" by 16" heated mat from another seller.

NOTE: Rating lowered to two stars due to lack of durability (see update at bottom)

The mat with plug and lighted rocker switch plus a set of directions.

I also bought the optional plug in high-low switch which is really a good idea. I will tell you why shortly. I use my mat on top of wall to wall carpeting at the foot of my recliner. It's perfect for the four season family room where I have it sitting in front of my recliner on a carpeted floor although I am debating putting the heated mat under a throw rug. The room has plenty of glass so the thermal transfer is not optimal for cold and windy nights.

Pros -- Warms up quickly, no smell from the rubber mat as others have reported. Not only are your feet kept warm but the entire area of personal space warms up to a nice cozy feel. Mat has an on-off switch which lights up when on and goes off when turned off. The optional high-low switch provides plenty of heat on high if your toes get cold. Best way to use it is to turn it on HIGH for a 15 to 30 minutes to warm things up and then switch it to the LOW setting for ongoing warmth. What a great device. It works like it claims.

Cons -- None other than the black rubber mat decor theme won't win any awards from home decorating magazine editors. I will try tucking it under a more stylish rug.

Summary: You will like the mat. Do yourself a favor and buy the high-low switch for regulating the temperature on a floor where you walk around in your bare feet or with socks. If you use this on a cement floor, you'd want it at max output just to keep things warm.

One word of caution for anyone getting the idea of using this in a bathroom to warm you feet when you get in and out of the shower. There is no GFI or grounded plug! It's a simple two pin plug so doing so wouldn't be a great idea.

Update 12-27-11
I really like this mat heater. After 3 weeks of use I have concluded the optional high-low switch is a must if you use this to warm your feet when wearing socks or only in bare feet. The high setting is a bit too warm for my liking.

Update 1-15-12
Still working great. I placed a bathroom rug on top of the black mat and it works great and feels better on bare feet or socks. The only downside is my pet bassett hound likes it too.

Udate 3-18-13
After one year of great heat the mat is slowly dying. One six inch section is ambient temp (i.e., cool to the touch) and the rest of the mat is luke warm even at full power. I removed the optional hi-lo switch from the connectin path and it wasn't the problem. I have no idea why it is failing, it just is! The rating has been adjusted to 2 stars because of its lack of durability.

45 of 46 found the following review helpful:

5Great for the officeDec 02, 2009
By David Meister
I used this item under my desk all last season instead of a typical space heater. I am an energy conscious person and I knew that most small space heaters start at around 1000 watts. They blow hot air which promptly rises to the top of the room. Ironic since most people are complaining about their cold feet. Because this item only draws 90-120 watts, it can very safely be run through a timer. This allows you to have it automatically turn on just before you arrive at the office and turn off when you leave in the evening. There is an odor associated when you first begin using it but it does fade in time to be almost un-noticeable.

23 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5Works fine for bare feet WITH a dimmer attached.Dec 30, 2011
By John E. Pombrio
Just got this but had to pay for shipping as it was not on Prime at the time. The pad is 1/2 inch thick and very strong construction and quite stiff. Looks durable as hello. I would not use it for its cushioning effect alone as it is not very spongy. The mat is ribbed on top and sticks extremely well to the floor so no worries about it sliding around. The cord has a lit on/off switch on it and is about 6 foot long with the on/off switch 2 foot 3 inches from the pad. There are two slight smooth bumps about a foot long and an inch wide at the ends that gets slightly hotter than the rest of the pad. The heating goes from edge to edge on the narrow side and stops about 3 inches from the ends. Very even heat (except for the slightly hotter bumps).

TEMPERATURE READINGS: Full on under the pad is 119.3 degrees F. On the medium setting, it is 107.8 degrees F.

Now for the title part. Since the mat draws 135 watts and is purely resistive heat, ANY sort of dimmer circuit will work with the pad (the instructions do say that the pad is thermostatically controlled but does not seem to bother it to be dimmed). I am using a Westek touchpad light dimmer available here on Amazon. It works fine and I can tell what setting I have it on (or off) by the brightness of the on/off switch of the heating pad cord light. The reason I am using this is that I have found the pad on FULL is too hot on my bare feet which is what I, err, wear all year long here in Connecticut (getting the mail and newspaper with snow on the ground is exciting...). The medium setting is just right and it is nice to be able to turn it off and on with the touch pad on my desk. I can see how some folks who use it in a cold shop with work boots on could say that it is not hot enough but for bare feet...
Another big warning sign on the cord is that the pad should not be used on wood or carpeted floors. Even on high, I don't consider it a real menace as it never gets too hot under the pad to the touch. I am using it on my wood floor and chair protector pad under my desk and so far no fires or melted plastic, heh.
The smell? Yeah, there is a little bit but not very noticeable, some when on full, none when on medium (I donno if it fades over time, only had it for a few days).
Weird. My bare feet are a bit slippery after I take them off the pad. Silicone protection added to the pad? Nothing dangerous mind...
I am just waiting for the day when my cats discover this new and wonderful source of heated bliss.

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4Slight odorJan 11, 2007
By D. Leigh
I have had this mat in place under my desk at work and running on high for about a month. It works just as I had hoped. No more cold feet! The smell of "hot rubber" was very evident the first week or so. Even now, if I mistakenly leave it on overnight, there is still a very slight odor that is noticeable when I first come in the office in the morning. (The office is approximately 18'x30' with about 13' high ceiling and is kept closed up at night.) Perhaps with another month or two of use, the smell will go away entirely, but even if it does not, it is not a deal breaker for me because it is hardly noticeable any more.

16 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5Great for workshopMar 03, 2011
By E. Holmquist
I use these in my home workshop in the winter. Standing in front of a lathe or milling machine in a chilly shop with cold feet is tough, but with this my feet stay cozy warm and this lets me work in short sleeves in the 50s which provides greater safety around machinery. I've used these for 3 winters now and am very happy with both the heat provided and the durability. I got an identical item from another online retailer.

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